- preview 3rd round in Finland/Jämsä - 8th/9th of August 2015


After more than two months summer break, now the Enduro Championship ist coming in the far north:
Jämsä in Finland is known as an international venue for off-road events for many years.
On the participants many stones and roots wait for the stage and a lot of sand in the specials - through the different conditions is a particular challenge.
Conveniently, the paddock is the only service point on the 52 km long round. This is driven three times in the form of an 8, so that both times the teams to supervise the paddock from its pilots.
Interesting is the continuation of the duel between the reigning Overall champion Maurizio Micheluz and Tom Sagar. The Italians had been injured a month ago (the shoulder dislocated) and sand is not one of the usual ground of Micheluz.
In total, more than 200 riders from 15 countries participated in this third round of the European Championship. Opening ceremony will be in competition center on Friday at 18.30. There will be parade of the riders, top racers interviews and pole dancing show.
Even Eero Remes, who is currently the leader in the World Championship, will also be in his home country at the start!


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Nach über zwei Monaten Sommerpause geht es jetzt mit der Enduro-Europameisterschaft in den hohen Norden:

Jämsä in Finnland ist seit vielen Jahren als internationaler Austragungsort für Offroad-Veranstaltungen bekannt.

Auf die Teilnehmer warten viele Steine und Wurzeln auf der Etappe und viel Sand in den Sonderprüfungen - durch die unterschiedlichen Bedingungen ist das eine besondere Herausforderung.

Praktischerweise ist das Fahrerlager der einzige Servicepunkt auf der insgesamt 52 km langen Runde. Diese wird dreimal in Form einer 8 gefahren, so dass beide Male die Teams vom Fahrerlager aus ihre Piloten betreuen können.

Interessant wird die Fortsetzung des Duells zwischen dem amtierenden Overall-Meister Maurizio Micheluz und Tom Sagar. Der Italiener hatte sich vor einem Monat verletzt (den Arm ausgekugelt) und Sand gehört auch nicht zu dem gewohnten Untergrund des Südeuropäers.

Insgesamt nehmen über 200 Fahrer aus 15 Nationen an diesem dritten Lauf zur Europameisterschaft teil. Am Freitag wird es um 18:30 Uhr eine kleine Eröffnungsfeier mit dem Aufmarsch der Nationen, Interviews mit den Top-Fahrern und einem Showprogramm geben.

Sogar Eero Remes, der zur Zeit der Führende in der Weltmeisterschaft, wird in seinem Heimatland ebenfalls am Start sein!


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Preview 2015


It is only a few weeks up to the start of the new season of the European Enduro Championship: From Italy to Croatia and from Finland to Germany the way leads all over the European continent. 


The start will be in Rieti/Italiy in April - just 100 km north-east to the capital Rome.


Then the European Championship is breaking new ground and is coming to Croatia in May: Buzet is located 50 km west from Rijeka and 50 km south to Triest (Italy).


In August the European Championship takes place in the famous Jämsä. This Finnish city, about 230 km north from the capital Helsinki is well known for many international events in the past. 


The final round will visit Germany: Rüdersdorf is right in touch in the east of capital Berlin. Starting with the prologue in the darkness of the evening in the end of October, the last day will happen at the first of November to crown champions and teams.


Italy 2015 Day 1

The overall champion from last year, the Italian Maurizio Micheluz, won the first day of the season-opener in Rieti (Italy) in front of the French Benoit Fortunato. This shows that the small engines have been the fastest in the tests, because both riders used the 250cc-4-stroke-motorbikes.

Third in the overall-ranking was the British rider Tom Sagar two places in front of the German Marco Neubert – both riding in the E2-class and so Sagar won the class in the last lap.

Not this strong has been the class with the big bikes, the E3-class: Winner of the day, the Swedish rider Martin Sundin lost more than one and a half minute to Micheluz and became only 23. in the overall-ranking, in front of the Finnish rider Rony Nikander.

Werner Müller, the eight-times-champion seems to be unbeatable: After the first round he was nearly 5 seconds behind, he pushed into the lead and won with a 10 second gap.

In the women-class, Sanna Karkkainen from Finland won the day in front of the defending champion Audrey Rossat (France).

All the juniors has been quite fast, the winners are in the top of the overall:

Anthony Geslin from France took the 4th place in the overall and the victory in the Juniors-E1-class. 

Jeremy Carpentier won the Junior-E2/E3-class and in the same time the French rider became 7th in the overall!

The Italian Mirko Spandre won the youngest class, the Juniors under 20 years with the small 125-cc-bikes. 

Three laps with 63 km each, and three different special-tests had to been done by 196 riders. Snow-capped peaks lined the route in the sunshine, but this does not made it really easier for the riders in the countless stones everywere. The second day will also go over the total distance.


Italy 2015 Day 2

On the second day of riding Enduro Championship in Italy / Rieti the defending champion Maurizio Micheluz was unstoppable again: The newly crowned Husqvarna rider again won the overall title of all riders, as thus the E1 class.

Second in the overall standings, Tom Sagar: "I have had to switch my style. Yesterday I had problems while riding in the sand at home and now on the local stones. This day it was much better, "rejoiced the Briton.

In the intermediate state of the championship, the Frenchman Benoit Fortunato is tied for second place.Almost the same picture in the E1 class: Also there is Fortunato second behind the Italian.

In the E2 class, the result repeated from the previous day: Sagar wins before the German Marco Neubert and Diego Nicoletti, and so is the state of the Championship after the first two of a total of eight special days.

The Swede Martin Sundin repeated his victory very impressiv: "I had more than 20 seconds ahead after the first round. Since I have long wondered whether I should continue to push and the concentration stand by, or if I can even slow down and try to go save. I then decided to go for something in between, " the Husqvarna rider explained afterwards. So of course he leads the championship after his closest rival, the Finn Roni Nikander,stopped racing with a knee injury in the morning.

In the women-class again a victory from the Finnish Sanna Karkkainen.

Ex-motocross-pilot Nina Klink from the Netherlands going on a second place in her first international enduro competition. So she is equal in points with the reigning European champion Audrey Rossat in second place of the Championship.

In the juniors, however, was mixed again:

In the E1 class, the Czech Patrik Markvart took the victory and moved to within four points closer to the leader Anthony Geslin, who had lost a lot of time after a crash in one Endurotest.

For the youngest, to 20 years in the 125cc machine, the Briton Lee Sealy got the victory he had missed on the first day with a crash. He is situated in the championship just two points behind Saturday's winner Mirko Spandre from Italy.

In the Junior E2 / 3 Class Jeremy Carpentier was his previous day's victory not repeat: "I did not feel in the cross examination well, at least it was in the enduro test." This time, second on the day, the Honda rider finished behind Sweden Tommy Sjostrom, but at least he is still in the lead of the championship.


Croatia Day 1

The defending champion Maurizio Micheluz won the first day at the second round of the Enduro Championship in Buzet (Croatia). Then Tom Sagar, who fought in second place more with the power of his KTM 450, as with the competition: "In the narrow routes it is very hard to get close to the small machines with the big bike," said the Briton satisfied after the competition , Ranked third overall all classes then one of the "small" machine: The Swiss Jonathan Rosse not only took second place in the E1 class, but with his 250cc four-stroke Yamaha also took third place in the overall standings.

This is also the class victory of the E1 class on the Italian Micheluz on the Husqvarna in front of Rosse and the Frenchman Benoit Fortunato.

In the E2 class the British pilot Tom Sagar wins ahead of Italian Diego Nicoletto. This received the second place after the Este Rannar Uusna fell back after two rounds: "I still have pain in the shoulder, but it is slowly getting better. Last time it was in the first round, now in the last two special stages," was the comment from Uusna.

In the E3 class of the largest and most powerful motorcycles Slovakia's Radek Toman put a clear round way: He was a long time in second place, but the leader Mark Risse from Germany crashed out on the penultimate special stage and still had a small lead. But then the beta driver became nervous and lost the victory in the very last special stage at Toman with less than one second behind.

The victory at the veterans-class went again to the eight-time European champion Werner Müller from Austria: Right in the very first lap he extended his lead and won the match with two and a half minutes ahead of Czech Martin Gottvald and the Finn Juha Puotsaari. In the overall ranking of all classes with a total of 201 participants the 47-year-old took the 25th place.

The victory in the women's, as in Italy, was to the Finnish Sanna Karkkainen before the Italian Cristina Marrocco and the Swede Hanna Berzelius.

In the class of the youngest riders, up to 20 years, the Italian Lorenzo Macoritto on the KTM took the victory in front the British Lee Sealy and the Italians Mirko Spandere.

Three rounds, each 60 km, were to cover in the hills around Rieti with two special stages. Many tricky passages in the dense forests, many stony and wet riverbeds took their toll on the riders. They were unanimously of the opinion that not only the ambience of rühigen association locally, but also demanding route and elaborate special tests are absolutely worthy of a European Championship.





Buzet - Croatia - Day 2


The second day of the European Enduro Championship in Buzet (Croatia) saw the victory of Tom Sagar, which was a surprise: in the narrow courses the smaller motorcycles should have had an advantage, but the British rider managed to win with his powerful 450cc KTM. "I had a very good feeling in the morning and I was able to take the lead", he said.
The winner of the first day, Italian Maurizio Micheluz, finished in second position in the Overall standings. But Micheluz took the victory in the E1 class ahead of Frenchman Fortunato  Benoit and the Swiss Jonathan Rossé, who swapped positions in comparison to the previous day.

Besides winning the Overall, Tom Sagar won in the E2 class in front of Rannar Uusna from Estonia, who had to ride with a strong pain in his shoulder. "I underwent surgery on my shoulder and actually I shouldn’t have raced”, the KTM rider said afterwards. With this handicap he was able to race up to the third position overall.

In the E3 class there were now already three different winners in this year: the Slovakian Miroslav Sevela won for the first time in front of yesterday's winner Toman Radek, who finished second before Mark Risse, however only 0.03 seconds separated the German rider from the second place. "I've just started too slowly. In the first stage I was probably not yet fully awake", Risse said.

In the women-class again a victory of the Finnish Sanna Karkkainen. The KTM rider benefits from the fact, that her rivals swapped positions constantly: for the first time the Italian Paola Riverditi finished in second place before the Swedish Hanna Berzelius - thus the gap of points of Karkkainen is growing, especially since the next round is scheduled in FInland, which is her home Country.

In the Junior class, where Anthony Geslin could not be at the start because of his knee-injury, the Italian Nicolò Bruschi won in front of his compatriot Nicolas Pellegrineli, who is the new leader in Junior E1 class.

In the Junior Under 20 class, the Italian Mirko Spandre won in front of Lee Sealey and passes to lead the championship.

In the Junior category, with the E2/E3, the Briton Joseph "Joe" Wootton gained the second victory in a row. However, with the second place in the daily standings, French Jeremy Carpentier was able to maintain his lead in the championship.
The images of second day are on youtube: